Welcome to the Odqvist family home page

It is a fairly well known fact that our family, over the years, has seen plenty of colourful personalities. On these pages you will have a chance to get to know some of them closer. We will also introduce you to some of the farms and properties that have been, or still are owned by family members.

Our goal is to increase the general knowledge about our own family history, and as such also increase the solidarity and exchange between family members. Please feel free to write to us giving your suggestions on how to improve this website. You are also welcome and greatly encouraged to give us any other feedback or information related to our family. To be able to trace your routes can certainly be a lot of fun and a very interesting task.

To find new relatives close by or in far away places will often result in new exiting contacts and experiences. At our family reunion, every 5th year in Od, opportunities are given to make new contacts and strengthen old ones. The latest meeting was held in August 2015, and the next one will consequently be held in August 2020. In the meantime you are welcome to find your relatives and make contacts with the aid of this sight. As a descendant and directly related to Sven Persson Odqvist (1754 – 1816) and his wife Gunnur, (1762 – 1843) you have a certain family number depending on where in the “family tree” you find yourself . As wife or husband to a family descendant you will also automatically qualify for being part of our family. Your number will then be in parenthesis and be the same as your spouses´ number.

Our family association The Odqvist family association was founded 1920 by a number of enthusiastic family members with a strong intention to do whatever they could in order to retain and pass on, to coming generations, the very strong bonds that existed in the family. The initiative was taken by 63 Svante Odqvist. The association is headed by a board. The board meets a few times a year and are primarily working with the following tasks;

  • Upkeep of our family cottage
  • Upkeep of the oldest family graves
  • Renewing and organizing our photo collection
  • Updating of the family address book
  • Construction of the family home page
  • Organizing family reunions

    Our next meeting in August 2020 is also our 100 anniversary celebration. The board is now working with a new family book which will be introduced at that meeting.
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